Landscaping Products

Whether you have a large landscaping project or simply need to touch up your flower gardens, Taylor's has the materials you need to get the job done. We stock brown, black, and red mulch as well as a wide variety of decorative stone, including both washed and crushed stone. We have a huge selection of natural palletized stone for walls, patios, water features, walkways, and more.

We also carry crushed base stone for use in driveways and lanes, under sheds and decks, as a base for patio/wall/walkway installation, and many other applications.

We stock two kinds of sand as well as clean sifted topsoil. And to help keep the weeds out of your garden, Taylor's sells landscape fabric to put beneath your mulch or stone. All of our products can be picked up at our yard, or delivered for an affordable fee.

Bulk Mulch, Stone, Sand & Topsoil
  • Residential Mulch
  • Brown Mulch
  • C-144 Sand
  • Washed Concrete Sand
  • #67 Stone
  • Stone Dust
  • Red Tipple 3/4"
  • Sand Stone 1/2"
  • Sand Stone 3/4 "
  • Maryland River Stone (3 sizes)
  • Delaware River Jacks (2 sizes)
  • Pocono Stone small
  • Pocono Stone 3-5"
Fieldstone & Wallstone
  • Regular Fieldstone
  • Thin Fieldstone
  • Snapped Edge Colonial
  • Lilac Snapped Edge Colonial
  • Blue Snapped Edge Colonial
  • Brown Stacked Stone
  • Colonial FC
  • Stacked Creek Rock
  • Creek Rock Rnd Baskets
  • PA Bluestone Tumblestone
Flagstone & Others
  • Full Color Flagstone
  • Irregular Flagstone
  • Irregular Flagstone Lilac
  • Copper Stacked Stone
  • Rustic Gardenpath Tumble
Taylor's is an authorized Pavestone® distributor, carrying Pavestone's Hagerstown, Maryland production facility's full catalog of segmental concrete products. A huge selection of pavers are available for patio, walkway, and driveway applications. Retaining wall blocks and free standing wall blocks are available in a wide variety of color blends and sizes. You can also find edgers to border your garden or walkways and fire rings to warm up your patio.

Click here to visit the Pavestone® website

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